Wet and Dry Riser Systems

n inlet breeching at ground level provides the connection to the water supply. The system is normally dry and is charged by the fire brigade in an emergency. Breeching inlets have either 2 or 4 inlet connections complete with 2.5” male instantaneous inlets to BS336 fitted with non-return valves, 1” drain valve and caps and chains. A 100mm (4”) rising main uses a 2-way inlet breeching in a vertical or horizontal position. A 150mm (6”) rising main uses a 4-Way inlet breeching. Inlet Breechings comply with the requirements of BS 5041 Part 3.

The Breechings are normally housed in inlet cabinets, normally recessed into the external wall of the building in a vertical or horizontal position, 4 -way breechings in a square inlet breeching cabinet, manufactured in accordance with BS 5041 Part 5. Cabinets for foam inlets are available on request.

Shield 1802 Red Ral 3002 As Standard
Shield 2020 Stainless Steel Satin Polished (See Cabinet Options)
Backbox Dimensions 595mm High x 395mm Wide x 295mm Deep
(Minimum aperture 405mm wide 605mm high)


Vertical Inlet Cabinets

Cabinet Specifications
Cabinet & Door 16swg Zintec Steel
Colour As Standard Red Ral 3002
Architrave 30mm Wide All Round
Glass 6mm Georgian Wired, PRV Lettering
Lock Yale Slam Lock Keyed Alike
Hinge Stainless Steel Piano Hinge
Conforms To BS 5041 Part 5

2-Way Inlet Breeching Valve

Shield 010 Outlet Flanged 100mm BS4504 PN16
Shield 071 Outlet Flanged 4” BS Table D
Shield 011 Outlet Screwed 4” BSPT

Dry Riser System (Outlets)

Dry riser gate valves act as outlets from the riser main.These valves are situated on each floor of the high rise building and are normally housed in outlet cabinets which are manufactured to BS5041 part 4. Dry riser gate valves come complete with inlets flanged 65mm BS4504 PN16, 2.5”BS10 table D and screwed 2.5” BSPT, outlets to BS336, complete with blank cap and chain, strap and padlock, complying to BS5041 part 2. To the top of riser should be fitted with an air release valve which releases all air from the riser, as water is pumped in, but closes automatically under pressure of water. A 1” drain valve can be used at the bottom of the riser if the pipe work goes below the inlet breeching valve, so the system can be completely drained.

Shield 1825 Red Ral 3002 As Standard
Shield 2000 Stainless Steel Satin Polished (See Cabinet Options)
Backbox Dimensions 630mm High x 460mm Wide x 275mm Deep
(Minimum aperture 470mm wide 640mm high)


Dry Riser Outlet Cabinet

Cabinet Specifications
Cabinet & Door: 16swg Zintec Steel.
Colour: As Standard Red Ral 3002.
Architrave: 30mm Wide All Round.
Glass: 6mm Georgian Wired, PRV Lettering.
Lock: Yale Slam Lock Keyed Alike.
Hinge: Stainless Steel Piano Hinge.
Conforms: To BS 5041 Part 4

Dry Riser Gate Valve

Shield 014 Inlet Flanged 65mm BS4504 PN16
Shield 073 Inlet Flanged 2.5” BS Table D
Shield 015 Inlet Screwed 2.5” BSPT