Linear Drainage

The ACO range of products provides solutions for all the critical stages of surface water management from the collection of water from various surface types.

Domestic channel Drainage

Manufactured from recycled products, Hexdrain is suitable for a range of domestic applications, is lightweight and easy to install.

Raindrain provides surface water drainage for a range of domestic and light duty traffic applications.

High Performance Channel Drainage

The Multidrain system is available in both sloping and constant depths and has a range of channel widths. A range of gratings to suit the channel are available with a bar-less locking device which reduces blockages.



General purpose channel drainage system with protective cast-in galvanised steel edge rails. Wide range of gratings designs and materials, sump unit, accessories and unions for connection to subsurface drainage. Available in 3 constant levels sections and 10 different slope sections.


  • Wide range of applications - civic areas, pedestrian areas, forecourts, car parks
  • Pre-sloped plus level invert units
  • Resin concrete construction offers excellent chemical resistance
  • Complete with sealant groove on the shallow invert channels only
  • Quick fastenings for all gratings
  • Quick scheme design using level invert units
  • Sump and gully outlets connections to underground drainage
  • Resin concrete channel construction is strong and rigid for lifetime integrity
  • Quick to install, minimal excavation
  • Interlocking male and female profiles aid alignment of channels during installation


Heavy duty channel drainage system with integrated ductile iron protective edge profile, and built in gratings. Ideally suited for areas with heavy and intensive traffic. Available in 3 constant levels sections.


  • Suitable for all applications from D400 to F900/Heavy intensive traffic loads
  • Pre-installed grates speed up and simplify installation
  • Tongue and Groove jointing for easy installation
  • Gratings secured to channel ensures safety


Light duty channel drainage system with plain polymer edges. Uses an inlay grating and tongue and groove jointing system which make it an easy installation for light traffic loads e.g. domestic applications. Available in 1 constant level.


  • Low weight/easy and quick to install
  • Ideal for domestic and light vehicle traffic applications
  • Pre-locking for secure installation
  • User friendly maintenance


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