Flow Control



ACO Q-Brake Vortex is a horizontal vortex flow control designed to prevent downstream flooding by controlling the release of stormwater before it discharges into the watercourse or sewer. Available as a model in both microdrainage & causeway flow hydraulic design software it has many water authority approvals.

Custom built to suit the site requirements

Available from 2-100 l/s and up to 3m design head

Manufactured from grade 304 stainless steel

All parts welded to BS 4872

Available with curved or flat back

Attenuation volume required reduced

Larger clear opening, than traditional orifice plates, reduces risk of blockage

Parameters to quote

Each ACO Q-Brake Vortex and ACO Q-Chamber is individually configured to suit the specific performance criteria and the profile of the chamber.

ACO Q-Brake: Design head (m) & Flow rate (l/s)

ACO Q-Chamber: Depth to invert /Diameter of the chamber /Number of pipe connections /Diameters of pipe connections.

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