Floor Gullies, Floor Drains and Access Covers

A comprehensive range of gullies with versions to provide drainage in different kinds of floor and floor finish, for connection to all pipework in general use:

Vari-Level floor drains, floor gullies and access covers have a fine thread to enable accurate installation at finished floor level. The range covers all floor finishes, with trapped and non-trapped versions.

Multi-Level floor gullies are also height adjustable, for use in unfinished floors (trapped & non-trapped versions available).

Uni-Level floor drains are for use with asphalt/composition finished floors.

Stainless steel floor gullies are particularly suited for use in areas associated with food production (trapped & non-trapped versions available).

Direct connection gratings and access covers are designed to connect to standard pipework systems by means of proprietary couplings.

Roof Drainage / Roof Outlets / Roof Drains

A wide range of roof drainage products with outlets designed for different types of roof construction (warm roof, cold roof, inverted roof, no fines screed), for installation in different types of deck (concrete deck, metal deck, wood deck) with different types of waterproofing membrane (mastic asphalt, built-up felt, single ply).


Linear Drainage Channel and Grating

A range of gratings of stainless steel, nickel bronze, aluminium and cast iron for use in frames or stainless steel channel:

Wide range of standard linear drainage channel profiles and grating styles to choose from.

'Supaslot' linear drainage channel available for large areas with only low volumes of water.

Channel and grating for fire-fighting lift available to deal with 25 l/s flow rate in accordance with BS 5588.

Channel drain may also be used in conjunction with Wade gullies.

Grease Converters and Oil / Sedement Interceptors

A Wade Actimatic Grease Converter provides a natural, safe and environmentally-friendly means of permanently converting grease to bio-degradable products. Oil /Sediment interceptors are installed in drain lines to help prevent the pollution of rivers, streams and water treatment plants.

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