Flexseal Couplings

Since its inception in 1989, Flexseal has been at the heart of the civils and drainage sectors, playing a vital part in shaping the way contractors repair and refurbish drainage and sewer pipelines across the globe.

With a 30 year reputation for supplying high quality products, Flexseal offers a service to match and operates with a spirit of innovation across all areas of the company. With a solution for any scenario, Flexseal’s coupling portfolio is vast and comes with the assurance of over 30 years of rigorous testing.

Shear Banded Couplings


Flexseal manufactures the most extensive range of Shear Banded Couplings available in the marketplace and has revolutionised traditional pipe repair methods over the years. Flexseal shear banded couplings are specifically designed to connect and repair pipes on adopted sewer and drainage applications.

Shear banded couplings are a requirement of the UK water companies when connecting onto their assets. This requirement forms part of Water Industry Specification (WIS) 4-41-01, which outlines the requirements to connect pipes on adopted systems using only shear banded couplings.

The shear band on this range of couplings gives the connection added protection against shear loads that could cause the pipes to become mis-aligned.


All Flexseal Standard Couplings are manufactured in accordance to ISO 9001:2015 and comply with BS EN 295-4:2013 and WIS 4-41-01, suitable for private and adopted (public) drainage and sewers.


EPDM – certified to BS EN 681:1: Elastomeric seals – Material requirements for pipe joint seals used in water and drainage applications.

1.4301 (304) Stainless Steel – certified to BS EN 10088-2.

Couplings with a different material makeup are available on request.


When used individually or combined with bushes, Flexseal Standard Couplings have many applications in the construction, repair and maintenance of pipe systems:

  • As a joint for plain ended pipes
  • Repair and maintenance of existing pipelines
  • Connecting short and cut lengths of pipe
  • Making post construction connections to an existing pipeline
  • Reconnection of laterals on renovated sewers
  • Introducing a rocker pipe outside manholes or structures
  • When used with bushes can accommodate differing pipe diameters


  • Withstands an internal pressure of up to 2.5 bar
  • A proven, tested and durable coupling design ensuring a high performance and a reliable connection
  • Stainless steel shear band provides excellent resistance to heavy loads and shear forces to ensures joint integrity and pipe alignment
  • Complies with WIS 4-41-01 (all public sewers and sewers for adoption)
  • Complies with BS EN 295 Part 4 & EN681-1: 1995 requirements for vitrified clay pipes and fittings

Product Code

Bushes can be used to accommodate differences between pipe OD’s which fall outside the limitations of the coupling


Drain Couplings


Flexseal Drain Couplings, sometimes referred to as couplers, are simple, easy to use drainage pipe connectors. Drain Couplings are designed to connect two pipes with the same or similar (within 10mm) outside diameter.

  • Easy to fit
  • Simple and versatile
  • Completely airtight and watertight connection
  • Can be used to connect plain ended pipes
  • Repair of existing pipe systems by replacing short sections of pipe
  • An inexpensive option for unadopted (private) drainage pipes

Adaptor Couplings


Flexseal Adaptor Couplings, sometimes referred to as reducer couplings, are designed to connect unadopted drainage pipes with different outside diameters – connecting larger drainage pipes to smaller drainage pipes and vice versa.

  • Provides a quick and efficient method of connecting pipes of different materials and outside diameters
  • Reliable, tried and tested products
  • Large variety of sizes for a multitude of pipe configurations

Flexseal Product Selector


The Flexseal product selector instantly guides customers to the best connection for their specific need. Two to three questions are all that’s asked to find the required product.

Visit: findmy.flexseal.co.uk or download the Flexseal App from the App Store or Google Play.