Standard Couplings (Ref. NSC...)

Used for the majority of applications to connect pipe sizes up to 2000mm outside diameter where resistance to shear loads is required. Applications include:

Repair and maintenance of existing pipelines
Connections between pipes of different materials or sizes (Bushes may be required in these circumstances)
Making connections by the insertion of new junctions into an existing pipeline
Reconnection of laterals on renovated sewers.

Bushes (Ref. NBC...)

Manufactured from synthetic elastomers and available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses to allow the standard range of couplings to connect pipes which may have a considerable difference in their outside diameters.


Adaptor Couplings (Ref. NAC...)

Provide an inexpensive method of directly jointing pipes of differing outside diameters, without the need to use bushes. The most common application is for connecting PVC-u pipes to a variety of other pipe materials including vitrified clay. These couplings are also suitable for connecting other types of pipes including cast iron and metal pipes (up to a maximum outside diameter of 420m).

Contractors Tools

Shovels & Picks
Trowels & Floats
Hammers & Chisels
Measuring Tapes & Spirit Levels
Wrecking Bars
Marker Paint
Safety Helmets
Safety Eyewear

Drain Testing Equipment and Accessories

Canvas Drain Bladders
Testing Bungs
Testing Kits
Brass Pumps
Drain Dye
Drain Rods & Attachments
Manhole Cover Lifting Keys


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